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Hi there,

Welcome at our support page!
You can find the most essential information here.

What is SigncastFeeds™?

SigncastFeeds™ is a cloud based CMS solution from Signcast®.
It’s a very easy to use and effective digital signage and narrow casting application to put your content on the screen!
It needs a minimum time to install and the whole implementation is now done in a breeze. 
SigncastFeeds™ is a highly reliable and secure enterprise level cloud solution.
It's an all-in-one CMS (content management system), Monitoring and Control platform. 
In combination with BrightSign® players this solution can operate near autonomously.
The user enjoys a very pleasant and simpler facility for quickly and efficiently publishing content without hassles.

Finally, a
dding content, monitoring and control can now be done with great ease!


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Uptime monitoring

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News and updates

*** 2019-01-01 | Enterprise Cloud Solution 2018 uptime 99.99+

*** 2018-12-24 | Clients & Projects, thank you!

Thank you clients projects 2018

*** 2017-12-14 | Data center network maintenance between 00:01 and 06:00

Our data center team will perform maintenance which could result in shortly packet-loss and shortly network interrupts.

*** 2017-11-28 | Drag & Drop 2.0, Enhanced Feed Caching, User Manual and other enhancements ***

Drag and Drop 2.0

We have updated the 'Drag and Drop' file uploader.
It will be much agressiever in (especially) uploading (large) content; 
If a large upload encounters a short network loss it tries several times to proceed.
It also has other performance and stability enhancements.

Enhanced Feed Caching

This is a back-end enhancement to improve liability for players if they encounter issues due to limited bandwidth / very large playlists.

Other enhancements

Filenames in feeds improvement
Download of items in a zip
User Manual notification

*** 2017–06-18 | Some (great) uptime statistics ! ***

On 1 Oct. 2015 we have shifted, in the data center, to an Enterprise Cloud grade setup.
Since 1 Oct. 2015 we have achieved a recorded uptime 99,99% on a time span of 626 days!
We measure, every minute and on every (!) incident, with 2 independent external parties.

In the last 365 days we even raised this to an uptime of 99,996%.

*** 2017-05-29 | New feed Webpreview online ***

Complete overhaul of the Webpreview back-end functionality. It’s part of a very nice future update with more user enhancements to come.

*** 2017-04-11 | #SmartFolders, Scheduled Monitoring and other enhancements ***

#SmartFolders is here! The concept behind this is when you upload content to your Feed the original content is automatically (!) saved in the backend file manager in dedicated (smart) folders.
This function is very handy when it comes to organizing content for larger number of Feeds and players.
With #SmartFolders you / your team now has a simple but most effective solution in putting the content in the right place.

#Scheduled Monitoring; Now, with a simple “Action” or “Timer” we or you can easily control the monitoring of a player and put this monitoring to rest for a certain period.

Other enhancements. Download of items from a feed. Monitoring Feed 2.0. Player batch editor.

*** 2017–03-14 | HEAD call method  ***

Brightsign introduced the HEAD call method as an improved way for players checking their data feeds with a minimum needed bandwidth occupancy.

*** 2017–03-06 | Feeds for the Brightsign Imagelist, Videolist and Medialist states and other improvements  ***

Added Feeds for the Brightsign Imagelist, Videolist and Medialist states.
Also this supports the Brightsign Enhanced Synchronization! Hurray!

Other improvements; Template UI enhancements. Player export enhancements from player database

*** 2016–08-25 | Added ‘Dynamic Templates, Graphic Data Rendering and more… ***

On the 25th of August we added Dynamic Templates, Graphic Data Rendering and more to the platform.

Dynamic Templates

With this new functionality we can, based on graphic designs / concepts,
within platform be able to transform them to graphical dynamic templates (layouts).

These templates can easily be added to a Feed (playlist), like an image or video.
And to be adjusted within this feed.
The user is able to fill in the appropriate places these with is own text and / or images.

These templates can easily be added to a Feed (playlist), like an image or video.
And to be adjusted within this feed.
The user is able to fill in the appropriate places these with is own text and / or images.

Graphic Data Rendering

As an additional function in the templates, it is now technically possible to take external data in the Templates Dynamic function.
This based on (real time) own data or data from external sources such as XML.

This data can be mixed in the graphical Dynamic Templates.
Think of infographics based on customer data, visitor information, reservations, weather, etc ...
And with a certain frequency can be automatically created a new render (image) thereof in order to be subsequently shown by a player.

*** 2016–02-14 | Added ‘Scheduling’ functionality and other improvements ***

On the 14th of February 2016 we added ‘Scheduling’ functionality to the platform.
Now you can quickly and easily schedule your content on the ‘fly’.
Also we added ‘ControlFeeds’ to our control functionality.
Now we can control players behind firewalls without portforwarding and that have for example no fixed IP.

*** 2015–11-04 | Updating functionality 2015-11-10 after 18:00 / 6PM ***

On the 10th of November after 18:00 / 6PM we will implement some great updates like ‘Bi-directional communication’ and ‘Cloud Controller’ functionality (aka / known as our first “Showcontroller” in the ‘Cloud’).
And also some other very nice stuff and enhancements.

*** 2015–10-01 | Migration to Enterprise Cloud environment ***

To increase our uptime and reduce risks, we will migrate our platform in the datacenter to an Enterprise Cloud solution.
Our goal is to achieve very near 100 % uptime, even in case of possible hardware incidents.

*** 2015–09-29 | Scheduled Maintenance 2015-10-01 between 18:00 - 19:00 ***

On the 1ste of October between 18:00 and 19:00 PM our platform will be migrated to
an Enterprise Cloud N+2 solution
Our goal is to achieve 100% uptime, even in case of possible hardware incidents.

*** 2015-07-15 | We added static IP routing for Brightauthor Local File networking ***

We have added a new service. Now you can very easily use Brightauthor Local File Networking with remote players, like they where in your local network.
No more hassle with other difficult solutions and setting up remote connections.
Just a little port forwarding and our solution will do the trick!
Also in this way you have direct acces to the Brighsign player Snapshots!
In just a click you see what’s played on the screen.

*** 2015-07-06 | Server migration and upgrades 06-07-2015 between 11:00 - 13:00 ***

On 06-07-2015 we will perform a server migration and upgrades. We encountered some issues with handling very large files.
You want to do a batch upload with 4GB files?
No problem, with the new enhancements we are ready for the future!

*** 2015-07-02 | Urgent maintenance between between 11:30 - 12:30 ***

Due to urgent maintenance reboot Cloud Server is necessary.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Expected downtime <10min.

*** 2015-05-13 | Scheduled Maintenance 20-05-2015 between 00:00 - 01:00 ***

On the night of 19 on May 20 our hosting partner we will perform major maintenance on their network.
In recent months they have been working hard on a new redundant network that will automatically recover when failures faster.
On the night of 19 on May 20 it will be switching, between 00:00 and 01:00, to this new network.
This is not to prevent and a period of unavailability will occur.
Thanks for your understanding and support!

*** 2015-04-20 | “Cloud Control” ***

We have added “Cloud Control” functionality!
You can send simply all kinds of commands from the cloud to your devices (like players, lights, manageable sockets, etc... :-) !
Just add simple timers to schedule your actions! ***

*** 2014-12-05 | Music Feeds ***

Just add the music! We now also support dedicated music feeds.

*** 2014-11-01 | Android platform ***

Our SigncastFeeds now also will feed Android players!
We have a special digital signage app to run on almost every Android player or Smart Screen with Android.

*** 2014-09-14 | Player monitoring ***

We have added player monitoring!
Powerful status filtering. Search functionality with "tags”. Player database.
Automatically receive notifications when something is not right!

*** 2014-08-06 | SSL Certificate ***

We now support HTTPS remote connections for safer browsing experience!

*** 2014-05-21 | Drag ’n Drop ***

And now just “Drag ’n Drop” your files!

More questions, information and pricing

If you have any questions, a request for information, support or a need for pricing please contact us at;,
or by phone; +31 (0)30 26 000 28.

Best regards,


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